Driving Instructor Kevin Pearson is truly skilled at teaching
Learners to drive, Safely and Confidently.

Registered as an Approved Driving Instructor with the DVLA

Maintains an excellent Driving Test Pass rate of 92%

Prepares Beginners to test standard in an average of 29 hours 

Receives consistent Recommendations and 5 Star Reviews

Patient and Reliable, and a great Communicator

Professional Fees are 40% Less than the national average cost of learning to drive

Book a 2-hour Intro Driving Lesson - the best way to sample Kevins' great teaching methods.  £45

Book a 2-hour Assessment of your driving skills to learn how close to Test Standard you are,  conducted fairly and professionally. £55

Book a 10-hour Block of expert driving lessons which will set the groundwork for you to become a safe and confident driver.  £250

This Driving Instructor in Burnley operates with integrity, kindness and professionalism

Will Train you in 29 hours or less to pass your driving test - 23 hours BELOW the National Average.

Does not waste your time and money by drawing out the number of lessons  you need.

Explains the training clearly, and progresses at a pace that suits you best.

Helps you to achieve your absolute best in becoming a safe and confident driver.

Kevin Pearson Truly has a talent in driver training

Don't believe us? Read for yourself!

Novice to Licensed in 5 Days!

Kevin and Nita were both extremely helpful from the start! I did the 30 hour Intensive course and passed in 5 DAYS! Having had no experience beforehand, I passed on the first attempt with only 2 minors - Pretty much says it all - Thank you for all your help!

Novice to Licensed in 29 hours Training

What an amazing instructor! I took a 30 hour Intensive course, having no experience beforehand. I went into my driving test feeling confident and well prepared and I passed on the first attempt - it was all down to Kevins' training!

Confident First-time Pass!

Absolutely amazing driving instructor! So understanding and patient, always goes the extra mile for his customers, boosted my confidence when I was ready to give up on driving, so happy to have passed on the first attempt after only 29 hours of training -thanks to Kevin!


The National Average to pass a driving test in the UK is 52 hours of official training and 20 hours of personal practice.


The National Average Cost of learning to drive in the UK at the average rate of £ 24 / hour is £1248 



Our average in training a Novice Learner Driver is 29 hours - scoring a 92% First-Time PASS Rate!


Your driver training with us will cost you £750, a whopping 40% LESS than the National Avg...can you afford NOT to go with K P Driving Lessons?!

Sound like a good fit?!

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