Courses & Prices

2-Hr INTRO Lesson

Applies to Novices only; Experience a 2-hr lesson with the Instructor who will train you to your Successful test Pass.  You will cover Cockpit Drill, and experience a session of moving off and stopping.





The Instructor will professionally and fairly appraise your driving skills (and any bad habits you may have picked up) in order to recommend the most suitable course to get you to Test Standard. 


Pass Plus Course

Pass Plus is a practical training course that takes at least 6 hours and is for drivers to improve their skills and drive more safely. It can be taken at any time although it should be most useful to new drivers in the year after passing the test.


2-Hr Lesson

For those who are in no hurry to pass their tests.  Be assured that the lesson will be expert training, at a pace that suits you best! 


         A 1-Hour Lesson costs £28




An economical way to schedule your course.  Prepayment is required; the Block is re-booked as required, take as many or as few lessons per week as you choose.


Motorway Lessons


Choose the number of lessons you need but the ideal requirement is four hours of training. All aspects regarding safe and confident use of motorways will be covered in the course.


5-Hr Refresher

Suitable for those who are already at Test Standard, but failed recently, and need a quick refresher and re-test.  The course is covered over 2 slots, and includes the Test time of 45 minutes. 


30-Hr New Learner


Suitable for Confident Beginners, who have a practical aptitude and a positive outlook. 30 hours is our average course duration to get you passed - From Novice to Licensed! 


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Booking your Driving Test

The fee for the practical driving test is £62 throughout the UK.  We can do this for you with pleasure.  Should you wish to book directly with the DVLA, please use this link:

Pass in a Week or 3 Months - Pay the same rate!

Why pay 30% more for an Intensive driving course?  Our LOW hourly rate remains the same!  With K P Training, you book the hours you need, and whether you want to learn to drive in 1 Week or 3 Months - You Choose!  Based on your preferences, we will schedule your course, set at a pace which suits you best.

You choose the length of your lessons!

Whether you are more comfortable with a single hour driving lesson, can manage 2 hours of training in one go, or prefer the intensity and focus of 3 hours or more - You choose!  Increase the duration as your course progresses - you choose!  We are FLEXIBLE!

Kevin never gave up on me...

After trying to start driving at 17 and being incredibly nervous on the road, I gave up. This year I decided to try again and found Kevin. I honestly believe I wouldn't have had the confidence to pass without him. Even when things got difficult and my nerves took over, he never gave up on me. He has made me into a safe and confident driver. Something I couldn't ever see happening. I'm so grateful and believe his teaching methods are faultless.

Kevin made me believe that I could do it!

For anyone wanting to learn to drive and pass quickly, Kevin is your man!!! He put me at ease straight away and made me believe I could do it. He is extremely caring and passionate about what he does. Being heavily pregnant with frequent toilet breaks, accidents and ill children he has been nothing but flexible and understanding. After just 13 hours I passed my test. He told me I WOULD, I believed him and I did it. Nothing but respect and gratitude for K P driving lessons. 

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