Thoughts of a Driving Instructor

July 10, 2018

I sometimes ask myself "Why on earth do I teach people to drive?"  I could do better with less whiplash, trying to cope with this unbearable heat, air-con blasting for 15 hours of the day, or indeed in the freezing months, ensuring that my feet are able to hit the dual controls (when they are screaming at me to get warm).  Let me not forget to mention encounters with 'happy travelers' on the roads, EVERY DAY, who bear little respect or consideration for Learner drivers trying their damnedest to manoeuvre the daunting roundabout  - wouldn't I just LOVE to execute an emergency stop, rip them out of their predatory bully-boy vehicles and teach them a lesson?!  Threatening and intimidating my wards, my fledglings?!!  But I don't.  And believe me, it takes all of my self restraint not to do so!


When all has been covered, and the driving test is finally underway, I eagerly await the return of car, student and Examiner intact...It's a PASS!! I share their relief, exhilaration, their victory and I am happy.  Happy to have made a difference in this youngsters life. 


At last I'm home, exhausted, cold beer in hand and scrolling through my emails, I come across one with the subject line "Review" from Jess Duncan.

Would love for you to include my review if possible because I'm so grateful for your help! If it's not too late , here's my message:.... After trying to start driving at 17 and being incredibly nervous on the road, I gave up. This year I decided to try again and found Kevin. I honestly believe I wouldn't have had the confidence to pass without him. Even when things got difficult and my nerves took over, he never gave up on me. He has made me into a safe and confident driver. Something I couldn't ever see happening. I'm so grateful and believe his teaching methods are faultless.


It doesn't get better than this, people.  This is why I embrace what I do.



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