Driving Lessons - the Best Gift ever!

December 14, 2018

For some of us, getting onto the "Legal Driver Ladder" is about as difficult as getting onto the Housing Ladder!  And yes, it all boils down to expendable cash availability, doesn't it?!  When it comes to Christmas gifts, we are so quick to spend, spend, spend - but, on what?!  Frivolous items, mostly (speaking for myself, naturally!). 


Invest in your and your loved ones' future - gift Professional and Expert Driver Training!  Becoming a safe and confident driver should be a wish for any parent and child - what does it mean, actually?


  • Independence - no waiting for (late) buses or paying for taxi's

  • Freedom - to go where you want, whenever you want

  • Career - broadens career prospects hugely

  • The Real World - prepares you for the future, here and now

  • K P Driving Lessons offer Gift Vouchers for people with varying levels of driving experience, or none at all!  Prices starting at £25.  See more here:








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